DrupalCon and F8 conferences in San Francisco - the week of 4/18/2010

I'm at DrupalCon San Francisco right now. Conference activities actually started two days ago, Saturday, 4/17, with a Core Developer Summit (which I missed). Yesterday, 4/18, was an unconference, which I enjoyed tremendously, especially the final session on techniques and strategies to handle multiple developers and deployment of a Drupal project from development to staging to production.

My primary interests in DrupalCon this time are:

  • The deployment problem mentioned above, how modules like features and deploy can help, and other strategies when those modules can't help.
  • Drupal For Facebook (a.k.a. DFF), and the challenges of writing Facebook applications using Drupal.
  • All the new goodness of Drupal 7, which is currently in Alpha.
  • Meeting lots of cool Drupal peeps!

I am also going to the F8 conference on Wednesday, 4/21, and will be interested in learning as much as I can about developing applications for the Facebook platform.

This will be a very full week, but I hope to post at least a couple of entries about these two conferences while I'm here.