Theme change in progress - HTML5 and CSS3

So, you may notice the appearance of my site has changed. Well, I'm in the midst of updating the theme to use HTML5 and CSS3, and I'm also beginning an effort to restructure the site overall. I hope to announce several cool changes in the near future, and I also hope to share the tools and tricks I am using to accomplish these changes.

For now, here's a couple highlights:

  • I'm using the HTML5 Base theme as a base theme, accompanied by the HTML5 Tools module to adjust some of the default core output to be better aligned with HTML5.
  • You may also notice some unusual fonts. CSS3 has a new @font-face rule that allows you to put fonts on your server and allows browsers to download and render them. And to make this easier in Drupal, I'm using the @font-your-face module to find and install fonts on my server.

More to come!

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